Embrace Girls Foundation

26 The Embrace Girls Foundation's Embrace Girl Power! After School Program & Camps is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established in 2001 to help little girls learn to be healthy, confident, ambitious and educated young ladies. The lives of elementary and middle school-aged girls are improved through academic tutoring, leadership training, life and character educational skills coupled with social and cultural opportunities and exposure they might not ordinarily ever experience.

Personality suggestions
493 votes

Lip sync to your favorite guilty pleasure song, and get your girls to perform back up.

No user from  Megan Lozito
133 votes

I loved Akeelah and the Bee! What are the 5 hardest words for you to spell in real life...or ones you most often see others misspell?

Photo from  Lash Fary
108 votes

Perform an acoustic version of a song from your new mixtape! Maybe "Dip 2 Nite"?

Dfb0ad5ed43812f46ffb1d5e85b5296d from  J.B. Chaykowsky
85 votes

how was it filming your first horror movie?

No user from  Team Keke
77 votes

we cant stop or rihanna diamonds!! (keke you rock)

No user from  valarie binford
71 votes

Give us a behind the scenes look at your recording studio!

Photo from  Suzanne Hofrichter
70 votes

How can your street team get more involved with you?

No user from  Peace Parker
67 votes

Do a dramatic reading of one of your favorite TLC songs, using a drum for dramatic effect.

Picture?type=large from  Jenna Greene
54 votes

I'm a huge Keke Palmer fan and I waana see her do more Ustreams

3cd602a0f8203e3b9abc2289e874dfc9 from  Sharon Freeman
53 votes

Anything that's related to Brandy, Aaliyah or TLC. :)

3104337542ea7602168215ce6978147c from  Katie D.
36 votes

"If 6 Were 9" or "Dip 2 Nite" #bigfan

No user from  Waylen Stallings
14 votes

Do The Nae Nae . Please Vote For Her To Do The Nae Nae Btw ( Its A Dance )

No user from  USER 15050
13 votes

Let KeKizzle (your alter ego) rap!

Picture?type=large from  Cherrell Washington
13 votes

I Just Want A Say Your Biggest Fan Here Im Asking Can U Sing Me One You Call Cause That's My Favorite Song By You, Your My Idol , Your Cool!

No user from  USER 15050
10 votes

Hello keke Palmer! :) big fan !!!

Photo from  Juliani Riklon
6 votes

Hey there, Keke. Who is your favorite recording artist?

41b12e61dca65a6f0e5f7545d88fcc3d from  Philip Gipson
5 votes

Do you have any pets? Take us with you to a zoo!

Photo from  John Hertenberger
5 votes

Who are your biggest musical influences?

No user from  USER 14698
4 votes

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

No user from  Olivia Bouzaglou
2 votes

Your an amazing person and I love the animal music video and can't wait to see the movie you always keep going for what you want never change Keke:)

Photo from  Natoreus Lydell
Personality videos
  • Help Keke Palmer support Embrace Girls Foundation
  • What was it like to work with Lil Mama?
  • Behind the Scenes: Keke Palmer Photo Shoot
  • How it was filming my first horror movie.
  • Keke Palmer Throws Out The First Pitch
  • Keke's Surprise Visit to ACE Academy
  • Go inside Keke Palmer's workout regimen


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