Geena Davis

Geena Davis is one of Hollywood’s most respected actors, appearing in several roles that have become cultural landmarks, such as her 1989 performance in The Accidental Tourist that won her an Academy Award and her portrayal of the first female President of the United States in ABC’s hit show Commander in Chief which earned her a Golden Globe Award in 2006. She has also starred in such films as A League of Their Own, Tootsie and Beetlejuice.

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86 votes

what movie role are you going to be involved with next?

No user from  michelle conko
64 votes

Brad Pitt's abs ... go!

Photo from  Lash Fary
61 votes

You are a role model. What 10 things would you tell girls they need to do to succeed?

No user from  Jill Alex
54 votes

How does one get unaired pilot footage of himself working with the person who has single handedly shaped his idea of a 'perfect' partner? ;)

No user from  USER 15147
52 votes

Recite a monologue from the most powerful female character you’ve played.

Picture?type=large from  Seth Fowler
49 votes

The long kiss goodnight is one of my all time favorite movies. Did you like that type if roll ? Are there movies you commit to do and then find that you didn't really like? That must be hard working so many hours on something you don't like...

Picture?type=large from  Dean Kaltsas
43 votes

What has been your proudest moment of your career so far seeing as you have played some of the best female characters of all time?

No user from  Catherine McCann
42 votes

Can you show us to shoot? And explain why you chose archery?

No user from  Dan Reagan
25 votes

A typical day in the life of geena davis. Go!

Picture?type=large from  Ashley Bell
21 votes

Did you do all your own stunts on A League Of Their Own?

Picture?type=large from  Mischa Armada
21 votes

I am very interested in getting involved with gender equality in the media. What would you suggest I do to get involved? Thank you!

No user from  USER 15239
18 votes

If you could produce a slate on 13 films , tv and web series, what would that line up look like? What criteria would you use to choose?

No user from  francesca prada
17 votes

Will be Geena, someday in Prague, Czech Republic? :-))

Photo from  Majky Mrázková
17 votes

What's the best way to get into archery, and can you show some target practice?

No user from  Christy Anderson
16 votes

what are some roles you have turned down?

Picture?type=large from  Christopher Mancini
16 votes

Will you please do Wonder Woman, because, really, you ARE she!

No user from  USER 15049
4 votes

Are you familiar with the work of They're combating violence/discrimination against women via media in India. #synergy

No user from  Nimi Mako
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