Linkin Park

Linkin Park is a Grammy award-winning band from California. They are the first rock band with one billion YouTube hits. In 2005 they founded Music for Relief to help victims of natural disasters.

Music for Relief
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471 votes

Play cover for Lady Gaga's song "The Edge of Glory", please

No user from  USER 15544
370 votes

Play a song without any instruments but instead with alternative items / noises.

98409a3f 519d 4172 9545 fb6ead49588d from  Sandra
284 votes

Chester on pickups, Mike on drums, Phoenix as singer, Joe on guitars, Brad on bass and Rob play the piano/keys.

No user from  USER 15123
255 votes

Make a Linkin Park Movie. Directed by Joe Hahn.

No user from  Rachel Mills
209 votes

Make a song or album with Eminem

No user from  Joey Hernandez
154 votes

Play us a song that inspired you to start making music of your own

Picture?type=large from  Seth Fowler
153 votes

I know you've explained "Robot Boy" can't be played live because of so many layers- but just a piano and Chester's voice would be stunning.

No user from  USER 15021
129 votes

Make one song in cooperation with 30 Seconds to Mars please...

Picture?type=large from  Filip Štich
119 votes

Show us how you are currently working on new music in the studio

No user from  USER 15141
103 votes

Make a song with Chester rapping and Mike screaming!

Ycjbrpzg from  mt2oo8
103 votes

Tell us about your very first tour together as a band, and how much has changed now that you're one of the most popular bands in the world.

No user from  J Thompson
97 votes

Mike - show your body!!! Chester - sing some song from 30 Seconds To Mars or Avenged Sevenfold.

Picture?type=large from  Sára Blahová
88 votes

Play a special show with a setlist integrated by LPU or rare songs like Across The Line, QWERTY, etc... And record it on video

No user from  Franco Dávila
86 votes

Make a feature film about how you came to popularity, and how your group was born!

Picture?type=large from  Mike Smith
77 votes

She Couldn't or Carousel Live!

No user from  USER 15083
72 votes

Play a cover song from a band you'd never expect us to hear you sing

No user from  USER 15480
64 votes

Make a parody of "an ordinary day in the studio"!

No user from  USER 15141
63 votes

Create a Linkin Park cartoon show!

No user from  Rachel Mills
57 votes

Make a song in which you talk about NANOTECHNOLOGY risks.

C3f1370db0d41ad1662a7c1ba42f3342 from  yaone makoto
55 votes

Cover a song by Metallica!

No user from  USER 15141
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