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Want to know what it's like to start your own business? How to overcome failures? Get tips here from such entrepreneurs as Mark Cuban, Dr. Bill Dorfman, Georgina Chapman, Ming Tsai, and Bryn Mooser. It's like B-School without the tuition.

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  2. Now Playing Tim Sanders explains all of the steps of becoming a successful author
  3. Now Playing Melissa Lake on building the ONEHOPE Foundation
  4. Now Playing Justin Rezvani explains his "magic moment" as an entrepreneur
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  7. Now Playing Justin Rezvani gives us insight on the F word
  8. Now Playing Melissa Lake explains the importance of failure as an Entrepreneur
  9. Now Playing What is Simone I. Smith's inspiration behind her jewelry?
  10. Now Playing Alexandra Wilkis Wilson on failure and how to deal with it
  11. Now Playing Bryn Mooser's best advice for entrepreneurs
  12. Now Playing Tim Sanders on the exponential change of technology
  13. Now Playing Simone I. Smith gives out some advice for young jewelers
  14. Now Playing Bryn Mooser on how technology is changing RYOT
  15. Now Playing Garcelle Beauvais' journey to becoming an author
  16. Now Playing Does RYOT's Bryn Mooser trust his gut feelings?
  17. Now Playing Jack Nicklaus takes a swing as celebrity chef
  18. Now Playing Why is purple Simone I. Smith's favorite color?
  19. Now Playing Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and the three stages of entrepreneurship
  20. Now Playing Justin Rezvani explains the three stages of entrepreneurship
  21. Now Playing Mark Cuban stars in 'Mark Tank'
  22. Now Playing Alexandra Wilkis Wilson talks about the beginning of Gilt
  23. Now Playing Who is Alexandra Wilkis Wilson's dream business partner?
  24. Now Playing Who is Simone I. Smith's dream mentor?
  25. Now Playing Lori Greiner and her Charitybuzz Entrepreneur Auction
  26. Now Playing Who is Justin Rezvani's role model?
  27. Now Playing What inspires Melissa Lake to give back?
  28. Now Playing Justin Rezvani on how he became an entrepreneur
  29. Now Playing Richard Branson and the Necker Cup
  30. Now Playing Jake Kloberdanz on his entrepreneurial spirit
  31. Now Playing Bryn Mooser's inspiration for starting RYOT.org
  32. Now Playing Ming Tsai on how to stay trim
  33. Now Playing Georgina Chapman discusses the Marchesa Spring Collection
  34. Now Playing What to do when the wedding cake gets knocked over
  35. Now Playing How important is collaboration to Mario Batali?
  36. Now Playing Marc Bouwer on how technology has affected fashion
  37. Now Playing What's with Mario Batali's orange shoes?
  38. Now Playing What inspires Mario Batali?
  39. Now Playing Ming Tsai's chicken soup taste test
  40. Now Playing Colin Cowie's tips for how to get into the event planning business
  41. Now Playing How Dr. Bill Dorfman became the dentist on 'Extreme Makeover'
  42. Now Playing Ming Tsai compares salt vs. soy
  43. Now Playing Georgina Chapman tells the story of the first Marchesa red carpet dress
  44. Now Playing Ming Tsai behind the scenes at South Beach Food & Wine Fest
  45. Now Playing Ming Tsai shows how to break down a bell pepper
  46. Now Playing Tavis Smiley's Top 5 favorite things in my house
  47. Now Playing Colin Cowie's trends in color, music, and cocktails
  48. Now Playing Ming Tsai's salsa taste test
  49. Now Playing Dolvett Quince's 5 things you must fit into every workout
  50. Now Playing Dr. Bill Dorfman's best cosmetic dentistry recommendation
  51. Now Playing How Dr. Bill Dorfman went from dentist to New York Times bestselling author
  52. Now Playing Ming Tsai shows how to open, serve, and taste wine
  53. Now Playing Ming Tsai's go-to wines for spicy foods
  54. Now Playing Scott Conant's kitchen tips and essentials
  55. Now Playing Marc Bouwer says the most important part of a woman's wardrobe is the underga...
  56. Now Playing Rocky Patel Factory Tour - Part 1
  57. Now Playing Rocky Patel Factory Tour - Part 2
  58. Now Playing Rocky Patel Factory Tour - Part 3
  59. Now Playing Where did the initial idea of ONEHOPE come from?
  60. Now Playing Jake Kloberdanz on when it was the right time to switch careers
  61. Now Playing Connect with Jack Nicklaus on Chideo
  62. Now Playing Who inspires Bryn Mooser?
  63. Now Playing Bryn Mooser on ethics in RYOT's reporting
  64. Now Playing Connect with Justin Rezvani on Chideo
  65. Now Playing Was Bryn Mooser "ready" to launch RYOT?
  66. Now Playing Bryn Mooser on the power of smartphones in journalism
  67. Now Playing Ming Tsai shows how to elevate ramen noodles
  68. Now Playing Bryn Mooser talks about the cycles of entrepreneurship
  69. Now Playing The key to Colin Cowie's design approach
  70. Now Playing Bobbie Thomas' 10 minute beauty tips!
  71. Now Playing How does Mario Batali prepare the perfect pasta?
  72. Now Playing Dolvett Quince's top 3 tips for getting healthy
  73. Now Playing Dr. Bill Dorfman's secret to success
  74. Now Playing Celebrating the International Day of the Girl
  75. Now Playing 5 fun facts about Bobbie Thomas
  76. Now Playing Dolvett Quince reveals a superfood and how to use it in a recipe
  77. Now Playing Inside the food at Mario Batali's Swing Session Celebrity Golf Classic
  78. Now Playing Fun makeover for Bobbie Thomas on International Day of the Girl


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