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Round ball. Stick and puck. Bat and ball. Get in the game with sports content from athletes like Jack Nicklaus, Chris Paul, Boomer Esiason, Gary Sheffield, Michael Waltrip, and Michael Johnson. Sports!

Up Next

  1. Now Playing Jack Nicklaus and his relationship with the media
  2. Now Playing A tour of Michael Waltrip's car shop
  3. Now Playing Michael Johnson demonstrates the race process
  4. Now Playing The Tee supports a golf ball, and The First Tee supports young lives
  5. Now Playing What does Chris Paul do before every NBA game?
  6. Now Playing Michael Johnson's Young Leaders Recap
  7. Now Playing Ian Poulter shows how to play a 15-yard bunker shot
  8. Now Playing Derrick Brooks talks about his rookie experience in the NFL
  9. Now Playing Chris Paul says this is the funniest guy in the NBA
  10. Now Playing Steve Smith on NBA All-Star weekend parties
  11. Now Playing Matt Hughes' favorite ab exercises
  12. Now Playing AJ Hawk visits The James Cancer Hospital
  13. Now Playing Bronson Arroyo teaches you how to throw a big league curveball
  14. Now Playing 'Inside the Lightning: Ryan Callahan' Sneak Peek
  15. Now Playing The worst moment of Derrick Brooks' career
  16. Now Playing Jimmy Walker supports The First Tee and inspires young golfers
  17. Now Playing Derrick Brooks says this is what happened between Jon Gruden and Keyshawn Joh...
  18. Now Playing Darius Rucker's dream golf game
  19. Now Playing The First Tee provided his family relief and happiness through the game of go...
  20. Now Playing Jack Nicklaus shows off a trinket from the 1963 PGA Championship
  21. Now Playing Her coach pushed her, and it payed off for Cameryn
  22. Now Playing Who would Michael Johnson race throughout history?
  23. Now Playing Ian Poulter's most hated shot in golf
  24. Now Playing How The First Tee reshaped a young mans life
  25. Now Playing Darcy learned the true meaning of perseverance from The First Tee
  26. Now Playing Steve Smith - game-winning shot or 10-footer for birdie?
  27. Now Playing Top 5 things currently playing on Chris Paul's iPod
  28. Now Playing Rickie Fowler supports The First Tee
  29. Now Playing Steve Smith on what it takes to win a NBA championship
  30. Now Playing The First Tee empowered Amber, and now she's inspired to do great things
  31. Now Playing Sergio Garcia loves The First Tee, and changing lives
  32. Now Playing How does J.B. Holmes practice putting?
  33. Now Playing Scott Langley owes his PGA success to The First Tee
  34. Now Playing Kenny Perry's golf trophy collection
  35. Now Playing Ian Poulter at The Masters
  36. Now Playing David Feherty's explosive story about a caddie's "trouser doom"
  37. Now Playing Boomer Esiason's fight against cystic fibrosis
  38. Now Playing What was the biggest surprise about NBA life for Michael Carter-Williams?
  39. Now Playing Derrick Brooks gets the phone call from the Hall of Fame
  40. Now Playing Ian Poulter's practice tips
  41. Now Playing Who will be in this year's college football playoff?
  42. Now Playing Ricardo Laguna with something surprising about Las Vegas
  43. Now Playing The 2nd Annual CP3 Foundation Celebrity Server Event
  44. Now Playing Gary Sheffield on growing up with Uncle Dwight Gooden
  45. Now Playing Filming a Srixon commercial with J.B. Holmes
  46. Now Playing The greatest moment of Derrick Brooks' career
  47. Now Playing Chris Paul's thoughts on being a leader
  48. Now Playing J.B. Holmes shows how to get out of the sandbox
  49. Now Playing David Feherty and caddie clearly not on the same page
  50. Now Playing Check out Annika Sorenstam's new digs!
  51. Now Playing Annika Sorenstam skiing against Mark Rypien at the American Ski Classic
  52. Now Playing Ian Poulter's core strength exercises
  53. Now Playing Matt Hughes' technique for punching someone in the face
  54. Now Playing Chris Paul's favorite NBA All-Star Game memories
  55. Now Playing How has Chris Paul's life changed since joining the NBA?
  56. Now Playing What college football coach would you want to lead your program?
  57. Now Playing Derrick Brooks says this is why the Bucs failed to repeat as Super Bowl champs
  58. Now Playing Dirk Nowitzki at the Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game
  59. Now Playing Dominique Wilkins says this was his favorite dunk
  60. Now Playing This is why Dwight Gooden used to beat up Gary Sheffield
  61. Now Playing How does J.B. Holmes maintain his length on the course?
  62. Now Playing Following Jack Nicklaus before the Memorial Tournament
  63. Now Playing Ian Poulter says don't give up distance for accuracy
  64. Now Playing Julien Leparoux's favorite race tracks
  65. Now Playing Kenny Perry's muscle car collection
  66. Now Playing What did Michael Carter-Williams think about his first NBA paycheck?
  67. Now Playing Michael Johnson says Usain Bolt would have to do this to break the 400 record
  68. Now Playing Michael Johnson says this is why world records are hard to break
  69. Now Playing The logistics involved in running Michael Waltrip's NASCAR team
  70. Now Playing Steve Smith's best and worst NBA career moments
  71. Now Playing A day in the life of Steve Smith
  72. Now Playing Steve Smith on learning the TV ropes
  73. Now Playing Steve Smith on how to be successful in basketball and life
  74. Now Playing BMX pro Ricardo Laguna does bike tricks with a GoPro
  75. Now Playing Meb Keflezighi explains being in the zone
  76. Now Playing Gary Sheffield talks about his chances for the Hall of Fame
  77. Now Playing What Meb Keflezighi looks for in running shoes
  78. Now Playing CC Sabathia on A-Rod's resurgent season
  79. Now Playing Should college football rules be changed to slow down offenses?
  80. Now Playing How has running changed Meb Keflezighi's life?
  81. Now Playing How does two-time champ Kenny Perry prepare for Colonial?
  82. Now Playing Meb Keflezighi on winning the Boston Marathon
  83. Now Playing Meb Keflezighi's plans for life after running
  84. Now Playing Highlights from The 3rd and Goal Casino Night Fundraiser
  85. Now Playing Connect with CC Sabathia on Chideo
  86. Now Playing Will the college football playoff system change non-conference scheduling?
  87. Now Playing What advice would CC Sabathia give to his younger self?
  88. Now Playing CC Sabathia on working Jay Z
  89. Now Playing CC Sabathia on playing a kid's game
  90. Now Playing CC Sabathia on why being a Yankee is different
  91. Now Playing CC Sabathia reveals the best and worst pitch of his career
  92. Now Playing Why does CC Sabathia wear a crooked cap?
  93. Now Playing What Derrick Brooks remembers most about winning the Super Bowl
  94. Now Playing Kenny Perry's feelings on playing in the majors
  95. Now Playing What's in Ian Poulter's closet?
  96. Now Playing The evolution of Ricardo Laguna's career
  97. Now Playing Michael Waltrip's 3-putt
  98. Now Playing What life was like as a rookie for Michael Carter-Williams
  99. Now Playing Gary Sheffield talks about his unique batting stance
  100. Now Playing Walk inside the ropes with J.B. Holmes for a hole of golf
  101. Now Playing Ian Poulter's secret Ryder Cup ping pong injury
  102. Now Playing What's it like for Ian Poulter to be in the zone at the Ryder Cup?
  103. Now Playing Michael Carter-Williams played while his house was on fire?
  104. Now Playing Gary Sheffield tells the story of Game 7 of the 1997 World Series
  105. Now Playing What it's like playing golf with President Clinton
  106. Now Playing Did President Obama take Chris Paul to basketball school?
  107. Now Playing Dumbest purchase by one of Steve Smith's teammates
  108. Now Playing Should two teams from the same conference be eligible for the college footbal...


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