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Support Veterans

Many Chideo ambassadors support our veterans. Enjoy these chideos supporting Feherty's Troops First, IAVA, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, Augusta Warrior Project, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Lone Survivor, and 3rd and Goal Foundation.

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  2. Now Playing Why Dan Rather wanted to become a news reporter
  3. Now Playing Bob Baer says there's only one way to keep a secret
  4. Now Playing What is it like to track an assassin?
  5. Now Playing Bob Baer gives the inside scoop on fake purses and testing missiles
  6. Now Playing Chideo speaks with John Hansmann of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
  7. Now Playing Chance Manning's "Swing Pack" (commercial parody)
  8. Now Playing The biggest misconception about Dan Rather
  9. Now Playing About the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
  10. Now Playing Chance Manning's "Swing Nook" (commercial spoof)
  11. Now Playing Home videos of a 7-year-old Bronson Arroyo lifting serious iron
  12. Now Playing David Feherty and caddie clearly not on the same page
  13. Now Playing Dan Rather shows where he was when JFK was assassinated
  14. Now Playing Bronson Arroyo's acoustic cover of Foo Fighters' 'Everlong'
  15. Now Playing Can metadata help prevent incidents before they happen?
  16. Now Playing Do fake mustaches really work?
  17. Now Playing What's the weirdest gig KISS has ever played?
  18. Now Playing Does Dan Rather make New Year's resolutions?
  19. Now Playing Dan Rather on the future of journalism
  20. Now Playing What role investigative journalism should play within the press
  21. Now Playing Help David Feherty support Feherty's Troops First Foundation
  22. Now Playing Chance Manning's "Swing Trough" (commercial spoof)
  23. Now Playing David Feherty's explosive story about a caddie's "trouser doom"
  24. Now Playing This is why Dan Rather tried heroin
  25. Now Playing Help Dan Rather support Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
  26. Now Playing Lone Survivor Foundation
  27. Now Playing Highlights from The 3rd and Goal Casino Night Fundraiser
  28. Now Playing Help Brantley Gilbert support Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
  29. Now Playing Entertainment values vs. news values
  30. Now Playing Chideo speaks with Dave Winters, President of Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
  31. Now Playing Brian Kromrei's Excellent Adventure at The Phoenix Open with David Feherty
  32. Now Playing About Augusta Warrior Project
  33. Now Playing Ride with KISS to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony
  34. Now Playing Bronson Arroyo teaches you how to throw a big league curveball
  35. Now Playing Chance Manning's "Swing Blind" (commercial parody)
  36. Now Playing Go inside the KISS makeup trailer with Tommy Thayer
  37. Now Playing About the Bud Cauley Foundation


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