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Experience Winners

Watch Chideo winners experience once-in-a-lifetime trips. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll ask yourself, "How do I get to go on one of these awesome adventures?" Enter a current experience and maybe you will. Like these folks!

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  1. Now Playing Cara Delevinge Winner Reveal
  2. Now Playing Lin-Manuel Miranda Surprises Prizeo Experience Winner Kathryn with a Phone Ca...
  3. Now Playing Hamilton Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Surprises Prizeo Experience Winner Michelle
  4. Now Playing Experience Winner Angelica attended the Nickelodeon Halo Awards and met Flo Rida
  5. Now Playing American Century Tournament Experience winner, Andrew Sanford, caddies for Sh...
  6. Now Playing Mark Sullivan and friends hit pitches off of former Red Sox Pitcher Tim Wakef...
  7. Now Playing Experience Winner Alex Gonzalez meets Switchfoot!
  8. Now Playing Dominique Wilkins VIP Experience winners meet Dominique!
  9. Now Playing Ricky Dillon and fans raise $50,000 for Crisis Text Line
  10. Now Playing Brian Kromrei's Excellent Adventure at The Phoenix Open with David Feherty
  11. Now Playing Ricky Dillon with Chideo Experience winners at 'Serena' movie premiere
  12. Now Playing Carla Pardue attends the premiere of 'Live From New York'
  13. Now Playing Ben Coker wins the Sager Swag Basketball Dream Trip
  14. Now Playing Keith Schultz marches with Glenn Beck in Birmingham
  15. Now Playing Jackie Vermette wins the Darius & Friends Experience
  16. Now Playing Matthew DiMaria rocks a GoPro at Chris Paul's Celebrity Server event
  17. Now Playing Ricky Steelman meets Linkin Park!
  18. Now Playing Giovanna Palancia meets Usher!
  19. Now Playing Gary Verkinnes meets Don Henley in person
  20. Now Playing Chideo winner Gwenda Mullins meets Michael Bolton in Trinidad
  21. Now Playing Jack Nicklaus Experience winner Scott Conklin plays in 'The Jake'


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