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Michelle Aguda met Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence at the 'Serena' Movie Premiere!

The Entry Period Has Ended

This experience has ended, but you can still join Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence to help support these great causes.

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Charles J. Cooper Patient Support Fund
Special Olympics World Games

Congratulations to Michelle Aguda of Brooklyn, NY, for winning Chideo’s Serena Movie Premiere Experience. Michelle walked the red carpet and met the film’s stars, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

And thanks to everyone who participated – your donations benefited the Special Olympics World Games and Charles J. Cooper Patient Support Fund.

Michelle said she entered to win the experience after seeing a promotion for the contest on Instagram. “Who in their right mind would pass the opportunity of meeting Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper? Not me,” she said. “And even if I didn't win, I at least knew I supported two great causes.”

When she first learned she had won and would be attending the Serena premiere, Michelle said she was stunned. “I started to say incoherent things out loud. Hence, my coworkers thought I was going crazy,” she said. “I was soooooooo happy.

“Jen is one of the strong women that I look up to and the idea that I would be able to meet her left me speechless. I couldn't believe that I won and that it was really happening.”

But winning the trip was nothing compared to actually taking the trip and meeting the two stars, she said.

“Funny story, I didn't become a fan of Jennifer Lawrence because I watched her movies, but by watching the interviews she had on YouTube,” Michelle said. “She just seem so down to earth. To quote Silver Linings Playbook, ‘The only way you can beat my crazy was by doing something crazy yourself.’ Jen seemed like my type of crazy -- in a good way, of course. My friends call me the crazy one and seeing how 'crazy' Jen was in interviews made me able to relate to her.”

“As for Bradley Cooper,” she said, “I've been a fan of his for such a long time.”

And so no surprise that Michelle’s favorite moment of the trip was – “hands down” – the moment when she first met Jennifer and Bradley.

“They were so kind and welcoming,” Michelle said. “I enjoyed how they seemed interested in knowing a few things about us. They're both so amazing."

“I don't know what it was about this experience, but it has inspired me more to pursue my dreams and anything else that I set my mind to,” Michelle said. “To see what others have accomplished was truly inspiring."

“I want to run my own NPO one day and I believe my life's calling is to help others and to inspire those around me to spread the kindness as well. I'm glad I was able to support the Special Olympics World Games and Charles J. Cooper Patient Support Fund.”

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Michelle Aguda met Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence at the 'Serena' Movie Premiere!

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