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Jennifer Reicher Jaffe wins Keke Palmer's 'Cinderella on Broadway' Experience!

The Entry Period Has Ended

This experience has ended, but you can still join Keke Palmer to help support this great cause.
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Embrace Girls Foundation

Congratulations to Jennifer Reicher Jaffe of Evanston, Ill., for winning our Keke Palmer 'Cinderella on Broadway' Experience! Jennifer's prize is two VIP tickets to 'Cinderella on Broadway' and the opportunity to meet Keke after the show. She and her daughter, Maya, attended the show together. Let's see what she had to say about the experience!

What made you decide to enter? I wanted to take my daughter to see Keke in Cinderella, and I liked that the donation went to a really great charity anyway, so it was worth entering.

Have you ever won anything before? What was your reaction when you found out you had won? I won a toaster through a blog post once lol. I don't enter a of contests. I was in total disbelief for a while. I was crying when I found out I won, because I was so excited to take my daughter to see a Black woman as Cinderella on Broadway.

What was your favorite moment at the event? Seeing Maya sitting on Keke's lap. It was beautiful.

Anything else you’d like to add? Thank you!! She's still talking about it, and has a picture of her with Keke in her bedroom. Given that she has the theater bug herself, she now pretty much wants to be Keke. What a great opportunity to expose her to such a fantastic role model. We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity!

Thanks to everyone who entered and donated. Your donations support Embrace Girls Foundation, which helps little girls learn to be healthy, confident, ambitious and educated young ladies.

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Jennifer Reicher Jaffe wins Keke Palmer's 'Cinderella on Broadway' Experience!

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