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Ramon Gonzalez wins VIP Tickets to Kaaboo and a Music Lesson with Switchfoot!

The Entry Period Has Ended

This experience has ended, but you can still join Switchfoot to help support this great cause.

The experience has ended but you can still help out by donating today!


Bro-Am Foundation

Congratulations to Ramon Gonzalez and his son, Alex, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, for winning VIP tickets to KAABOO Music Festival and a music lesson with Switchfoot. They got their fill of music at the music festival followed by a music lesson with the band in their Bro-Am Studios in California. Thanks to everyone who donated to the cause, and you can still contribute to the Bro-Am Foudation by clicking on the blue button above!

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Ramon Gonzalez wins VIP Tickets to Kaaboo and a Music Lesson with Switchfoot!

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