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Chideo partners with Prizeo

growing to change giving

We have exciting news to share with you. Chideo has announced a partnership with Prizeo, a celebrity-based charitable fundraising platform. Prizeo will serve as a sister company to Chideo, strengthening our already impressive roster of exclusive content, experiences, celebrities, and charities, all to raise awareness and funds for hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the globe.

In just two and a half years, Prizeo has run over 100 crowdfunding sweepstakes featuring unique celebrity experiences, resulting in millions of dollars being raised for nearly 100 charities around the world. Prizeo will continue to operate as its own entity in West Hollywood, Calif.

Read the story or the press release.

about Chideo
Chideo is the first interactive charity broadcast network and home for exclusive content where users and celebrities share and connect in the spirit of doing good.

Chideo features personality-driven content across the broad spectrum of entertainment, sports, music, fashion, food, design and culture. With the option to donate to watch premium programming or simply enjoy free videos made possible by generous corporate partners, fans not only enjoy entertainment from their favorite personalities, but they also make valuable contributions to their respective charities. Users are also encouraged to visit each charity’s page and, hopefully, be inspired to support their important work and share it with friends. In addition, Chideo offers a myriad of contests and give-aways exclusively for fans who are registered on the free digital platform.

Chideo was founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Todd Wagner. The Chideo App was recently named one of Mashable’s 5 Apps You Don’t Want to Miss, as well as a Must Have Download by AppAdvice Daily and a Best New App on the App Store.

Chideo F.A.Q.

About Chideo

What is Chideo?

Chideo is a place where personalities connect with their fans to raise money for a good cause. You can watch exclusive video content (chideos) from your favorite personalities, vote on chideos you would like to see, and even make your own suggestions for chideos you want a personality to create.

What does the name Chideo mean?

charity + video = chideo

What is a chideo?

An exclusive, personality-created video on Chideo.

How does Chideo work?

Your favorite personalities create exclusive video content (a chideo) in response to fan suggestions and voting. Fans like you pay a small fee to view the chideo.

Is Chideo a charity?

No. Chideo is a platform for charities to use to raise money using content from their personality supporters.

What percentage of my payment or donation goes to the charity? Are there any processing fees, transaction fees or other costs?

Charities receive 80% of all monies generated by the Chideo platform after deduction of third party processing fees. Third party costs are generally between 5% and 10% of each transaction. Chideo receives 20% to keep the platform running. We think this 80/20 split net of transaction fees is pretty fantastic compared to many traditional fundraising efforts that result in 40 or 50% of the monies raised actually being delivered to the charity.

Who runs Chideo?

A small, dedicated group of chideoites trying to change the world. Chideo has offices in Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX.

Does Chideo also offer Sweepstakes?

Yes, sweepstakes opportunities will occasionally be presented through the Chideo platform. Check back soon!

Why did Chideo partner with Prizeo?

This partnership will expand Chideo’s commitment to blend entertainment and technology to revolutionize the philanthropic space.

How will this affect the operation of Prizeo?

Prizeo will continue to operate as its own entity and serve as a sister company to Chideo, strengthening the cause network’s already impressive roster of experiences, celebrities, and charities, all to raise awareness and funds for hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the globe.

How will the Prizeo partnership affect the operation of Chideo?

Chideo’s multi-platform broadcast network will continue to offer users exclusive video content, as well as, a fundraising platform to distribute original cause-centric content.


Is my payment to view a chideo tax deductible?

No. Access fee payments are not tax deductible.

If I donate separately from an access fee is my donation tax deductible?

Any donation above or separate from the standard cost to unlock a chideo (typically $1.99) is US tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Everyone's tax situation is different. Please consult your own tax advisor regarding deductibility.

Can I make a donation without purchasing access to a chideo?

Yes, you can make a donation directly to a charity you wish to support without purchasing access to a chideo. Donations may be processed through the Chideo platform using any major credit card. You may also contact the charity directly to make a donation.

Are there minimums or maximums on donation amount?

Currently the minimum fee to unlock a chideo is $1.99. The minimum on a donation directly to a charity is $5.00 with no maximum.

How are payments processed? What forms of payment are accepted?

Payments are all made via any major credit card. If you are interested in making a donation to a charity via check, you should contact the charity directly.

How are donations documented for tax purposes?

Receipts are sent via email following any purchase to unlock a chideo and/or any donation.

Can I buy an all access pass to Chideo?

Not at this time. Because chideos are tied to individual charities, donations must be made on a per chideo basis unless otherwise noted in the chideo description.

How does Chideo collect user data?

Chideo users set up an account either by logging in through a social media account or creating one using their name and email address. Regardless of method, all information you provide comes to Chideo. We also collect certain other information about users as they use the site, as described in our Privacy Policy located at www.chideo.com/about/privacy.

What user data does Chideo report to charities?

If you simply pay to access a chideo, the applicable charity will be given the following information about you, but only if you opt in for sharing of information with the charity: name, email, physical address, amount of payment to view the chideo, the date/time the payment occurred, and the chideo you paid to view. If you make a donation separate from, or in addition to, the access fee for a chideo, then we will share all the same information with the charity regardless if you have separately opted in for any sharing of information.

How To...

How do I get started?

Just jump in. Browse suggestions and chideos from personalities you like. Create suggestions. Vote on suggestions. Be sure to register, so we can tailor the Chideo experience to you and suggest content you may like.

You can register and sign in using your social network logins (Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect, Yahoo!, Google+), or create a new account using your e-mail address. Registering enables you to vote on existing suggestions, or create your own.

What is Facebook Connect?

Facebook Connect is a quick and secure way to create an account with Chideo. When you log in with your Facebook account you can easily vote on suggestions, create your own suggestion, and socially share chideo links and other interactions to your Facebook friends.

What is Twitter Connect?

Twitter Connect is similar to Facebook connect. It is a quick and secure way to create an account on Chideo, vote on and make suggestions, tweet directly from our site, and interact within Chideo and on Twitter.

How old do I have to be to sign up for Chideo?

In order to be eligible to sign up for Chideo, you must be at least 13 years old.

What platforms are supported?

Chideo is available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac at this time.

When I pay for a chideo, how many times can I view it?

Unless otherwise noted, chideos are viewable as long as the chideo remains on the site. Special release chideos may have a limited time window. In these instances, the restrictions will be listed in the chideo description. Occasionally, chideos may be removed at the request of the charity or the personality, in which case we will provide you with a refund if the discontinuation occurs within five (5) days of your purchase if you submit a request to us at refunds@chideo.com.

How does Voting work?

You vote on a Suggestion (see next item) to let personalities know what content you would like them to create for you to see on Chideo.

What is a Suggestion?

If you have an idea for a chideo and don't see it listed, you can suggest your own. Share your Suggestion to encourage your friends to vote. The more popular a Suggestion, the more likely your favorite celebrity will film it.

Who comes up with the ideas for each chideo?

You do! Each celebrity page has a section where the public can Vote on different Suggestions for chideos. If you don't see what you want, you can suggest your own.

Can I share chideos?

Free chideos can be shared and are viewable to anyone. Links to paid videos can be shared but the content is only viewable if your friends and followers pay for access to the chideo.

Can I order a copy of a chideo?

To help ensure our partner charities receive the most money possible, Chideos are only available through Chideo.com or our mobile and tablet apps.

How can I contact a celebrity I see on Chideo?

Suggest something! This is the fastest way to let a celebrity know what you would like to see on Chideo.

What do I do if I see objectionable content on Chideo?

Chideo relies on crowd-sourced moderation. Users flag objectionable content, which is quickly reviewed by Chideo staff. Users who post inappropriate content are warned and repeat violators may have their Chideo accounts revoked.

Contacting Chideo

I am a Chideo user or a fan and I don't see an answer to my question here.

We would love to hear from you. Contact us here.

I am a personality. How can I join Chideo?

Contact us here to learn how to work with your charity of choice to use the Chideo platform to raise money.

I am a charity. How can I use the Chideo platform to raise money?

Contact us here to learn how to use the platform services we make available.

My charity received a check from Chideo and I'd like more information.

Email us here.

Privacy and Legal Terms

Please be sure to read and occasionally revisit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.



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