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Become a Celebrity Ambassador for Chideo

More than 100 personalities, from President Bill Clinton and Chris Paul to Linkin Park and Debby Ryan, have created personal channels on Chideo to raise money and awareness for the causes they care about. And that number continues to grow every week. Our dedicated Ambassador Relations team works closely with each personality to produce must-see content for their Chideo channel, as well as customized promotions to help activate their fan base.

Here are just a few of the ways Chideo supports its Celebrity Ambassadors and their respective charities:

  • “White glove” sweepstakes program. From experience selection to marketing to fulfillment, Chideo provides turn-key contests for our Ambassadors and their fans. (We even take care of all that fine print with the lawyers such as contest rules, mail-in entries, and background checks of each winner.)
  • Custom video production and event coverage
  • Make news with our exclusive interviews and conversations

Private celebrity app allows you to:

  • Monitor and control all of the content on your Chideo channel
  • Create and upload video content from wherever you are
  • Engage with your fans to raise even more money

Whether you are an actor or an athlete, an author or a chef, an entrepreneur or a musician, we want you. Your fans want to hear from you, so why not connect with them on Chideo? Contact us here to learn how.




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