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Breathing Building Cleans Smog From the Atmosphere

Saturday Feb 13, 2016 2:02 AM

Photo: Flickr/Davide Oliva

There’s a building in Italy that’s eating smog right out of the sky.

According to Popular Science, the Palazzo Italia is a uniquely designed building that is the first of its kind. It was built using concrete that was designed to clear the air – it actually “breathes” in harmful smog and releases it as a harmless salt that washes off when it rains.

“We wanted the building to be an osmotic organism,” architect Michele Molè told Popular Science.

The building may look like an anatomy student’s take on bone marrow and sinew but the design allows the building to use 40 percent less energy than other building of its size. As an added bonus, the building also emits zero air pollution.

Innovation like this can spark a huge change globally and can help with the already staggering climate crisis that we are facing today.

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