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Diabetes Service Dogs Use Their Superpower of Smell to Save Lives

Sunday Mar 13, 2016 1:03 AM

Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons

Dogs make for good doctors.

According to Livescience, their sense of smell is 100,000 times more accurate than humans, which makes them extremely good at sniffing out diseases like prostate cancer and type 1 diabetes.

Exhibit A: Jedi, a three-year-old dog, saved his human’s life when he alerted to his low blood-sugar.

The 7-year-old boy’s mother credits the Jedi for smelling the changes in the boy’s blood sugar.

Jedi is just one of the hundreds of diabetic service dogs in the country.

Healthline writes that there are different organizations around the country that train dogs to recognize different scents, which include blood sugar — they are trained to differentiate whether they are high or low.

These canine pals are not only good companions but they’ll also be there to save your life.

It’s certainly one of the reasons why they’re man’s best friend.

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