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This App Makes You Donate to Charity Whenever You Hit ‘Snooze’

Friday Dec 05, 2014 10:50 PM

Photo: iCukoo

Call it lazy, brilliant, or both, but iCukoo is an app that exploits your inability to wake up when your alarm goes for something good: charity.

Developed by London’s Chelsea Apps Factory, one of the developers said the idea for the innovative app “came from my girlfriend snoozing every morning, and me getting increasingly irritated with waking up three times before actually getting up,” adding, “We wanted to create a bit of a silver lining.”

For each hit of the snooze button you choose a cause and an amount to donate.

Some might say that iCukoo just discourages you from sleeping in to save your pocketbook from suffering. Or, it could just give you an even better excuse to sleep in.

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