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Refugee Cat Traveled 2,000 Miles to Be Reunited With His Beloved Family — And No, This Is Not a Disney Movie

Sunday Feb 21, 2016 8:08 AM

Photo: GoFundMe/Kunkush Expenses

This is a story of a pet cat that found its way back home to its family. No, it’s not a Disney movie. This is real life.

Like the thousands before them, Kunkush the cat’s story begins with him and his family fleeing their home in Iraq to travel to Turkey to cross the Aegean Sea to Greece in a small rubber boat.

But when they arrived in Lesbos, the white Turkish Van cat was separated from his family and had to fend for himself on the streets.

With the help of some aid volunteers, Kunkush was able to survive in the streets.

Kunkush eventually found his way to Berlin where he was fostered by good-hearted people while volunteers started a social media campaign and a GoFundMe page to try to find his family.

On February 12, volunteers found Kunkush’s family in Norway.

The cat flew 2,000 miles from Germany to Norway to finally be reunited with family.

And that is how happy endings are made. Now, how long do you think we have to wait before this becomes a Disney movie?


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