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This Young YouTube Star Is Crushing the Charity Game

Wednesday Dec 10, 2014 8:06 AM

Photo: Fullscreen/Business Insider

Unless you spend a lot of your time on YouTube channels, you probably don’t know who Ricky Dillon is.

But the 22-year-old is kind of a YouTube sensation. His page has over 1.9 million subscribers and 85 million views, and he’s also part of a superYouTubegroup known as Our2ndLife, a collaborative vlogging channel hosted by five YouTube stars. You might even say that he’s the vlogging equivalent of a rockstar.

If you think he’s just another kid who gained popularity by posting videos online, you’re right — in a way. But here’s the difference: Dillon knows that he can use his fame and influence to make a difference through his legions of loyal teen fans.


Dillon has partnered with Chideo: The Charity Network to support the Crisis Text Line, a support line where teens can anonymously text trained counselors for advice and support in any kind of situation — depression, anxiety, stress, and more.

“Millions of teens are quietly suffering every day. They struggle with bullying, homophobia, suicidal thoughts and more. The solution is beautifully simple. We provide effective and secure counseling to teens via a medium they already use and trust: text,” Baylee Greenberg, Director of Operations at Crisis Text Line, said in a press release.

Basically, it’s this generation’s take on the traditional phone helpline. And it’s got the potential to save lives.

Dillon and Chideo are hosting fan events in four cities around the country — New York City, Minneapolis, San Diego, and St. Louis. They released 200 tickets for these exclusive events, with all the proceeds going to the Crisis Text Line.

For those who haven’t snagged tickets for the meet-and-greet, don’t worry: you can still have the chance to attend the event, all you have to do is donate to the Crisis Text Line on Chideo and you’ll be entered to win one of four VIP experience packages.

“I am beyond excited to work with Chideo on this charity campaign that I am running for Crisis Text Line,” Dillon said. “They have every resource and help I could ever ask for, and together with my fans, we are going to do amazing things for Crisis Text Line. First of all, I hope we can raise awareness about the important work they do and furthermore, raise money for the organization so it can hire more volunteers due to high demand. I’m hoping I can help thousands and thousands of struggling teens and young adults out there find help through Crisis Text Line.”

I did say this guy was a rockstar, right?

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