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Living the Golden Rule in South Carolina

In November, Chideo The Charity Network activated an emergency response campaign for victims of the recent catastrophic South Carolina floods with its newest charity partner, God’s Pit Crew, a nonprofit crisis response organization. While other headlines bumped news of the flood from the front page, thousands of lives were dramatically impacted by the 1,000-yearstorm that dumped up to two feet of rain in some parts of the state. The record-breaking event killed 17 people, damaged or destroyed more than 37,000 homes in 22 counties and was declared a major diaster by FEMA.

Chideo reached out to its extensive network of celebrities and influencers with a call to help deliver important goods and services before Christmas to those most impacted by the floods. Several celebs answered the call and took to social media to help spread the word. Darius Rucker, NBA All-Star Chris Paul, Kevin Love, T-Boz, Ricardo Laguna, Patina Miller and WWE champ Chris Jericho all stepped up to pledge their support.

Additionally, a #BGold social-media campaign was launched in conjunction with the disaster relief efforts. The BGold concept was conceived by a 5-year-old boy named Bryce from Florida as a response to the disaster. In his own words, “I made BGold bracelets to remind us to be kind to each other. When I saw the South Carolina floods, I thought we could do something … let’s build them a house!”

The #BGold concept centers on the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

It is in this spirit that a team of volunteers from Florida, Texas and California joined the boy in Johnsonville, South Carolina, one of the most heavily impacted areas, to help rebuild homes and lives for flood victims.

Now it’s your turn to join the movement! You’re invited to #BGold by sharing the campaign on your social media sites and/or by making a donation.

To donate visit: www.chideo.com/southcarolina



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