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Susan Sarandon and Two Greeks Get Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for Their Work on the Frontline of the Refugee Crisis

Wednesday Feb 03, 2016 8:42 AM

Susan Sarandon, a Greek grandmother, and a fisherman were collectively nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for their work on the frontline of the refugee crisis.

Of course, the three nominees are merely representing a bigger group of people working in Greece to help the thousands of refugees arriving in the country every day.

According to The Guardian, the Nobel Peace Prize can only be won by individuals or organizations.

This is why Sarandon, 85-year-old Emilia Kamvisi, and fisherman Stratis Valamios were nominated by prominent academics.

Sarandon has been part of a massive effort to help shelter, feed, and nurse hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees in Lesbos. As her official recommendation noted, she “is a witness and spokesperson for the empathy and self-sacrifice of the international volunteer community.”

Four months ago, Kamvisi was photographed bottle-feeding a Syrian baby, while Valamios, for his part, has rescued hundreds of refugees who brave the Aegean Sea to get to Greece. The Huffington Post reports that the two Greek islanders represent “the behavior and attitude of Greece, organizations and volunteers toward the huge refugee crisis.”

In 2015, more than 800,000 migrants and refugees arrived in Greece.

So congratulations Susan, Emilia, Stratis, and everyone who has done their part in helping the refugees start a new life. Hopefully, their work will inspire others to do the same in the name of common humanity.

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