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Chideo's Top Five of 2015

Sigh… another year comes to a close. Like many folks, we’re reflecting on this year’s highlights, and we wanted to share them with you. Here are our five most popular celebrity videos of 2015 (of course, we think they are all great), and we look forward to bringing you even more incredible content for cause in 2016!

1. We still get the giggles watching Tony Hale and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ “Veep” blooper reel. Tony not only makes us laugh, but he also supports some great causes, including Blood:Water Mission, which is working to end the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa.

'Veep' blooper reel with Tony Hale


2. Music legend Don Henley released “Cass County,” his first solo album in 15 years in September, and, in this exclusive interview, he tells the background about the album’s development. This year we were lucky to work with Mr. Henley on a promotion to help raise funds and awareness for his charity, The Walden Woods Project, which preserves the land, literature and legacy of American author, philosopher and naturalist, Henry David Thoreau.

Don Henley has a new solo album "in the can"


3. A country music legend impersonates another country music legend? Yes! Clint Black’s Willie Nelson impersonation is near perfect, minus Willie’s signature braids and bandana. Clint is a longtime supporter of Rettsyndrome.org, which funds research and provides support for families affected by Rett syndrome, a devastating neurological disease affecting girls.

Clint Black's Willie Nelson impression



4. Who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman’s iconic voice? We thought people would love hearing him read The Night Before Christmas (or even the phone book). And … we were right. It’s fitting that Morgan’s charity, The Tallahatchie River Foundation, supports early childhood literacy for underserved children in his home state of Mississippi.

Morgan Freeman’s Night Before Christmas



5. Billionaire Mark Cuban is known for his larger-than-life personality on the basketball court and on “Shark Tank.” In this hilarious spoof, “Mark Tank,” he clones himself and delivers five times the fun. This year Mark helped us raise funds and awareness for Austin Street Center, a homeless shelter in Dallas which he and the Dallas Mavericks have supported for many years.

Mark Tank



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